Our company is engaged in the construction of various types of power plants for the production of electricity that are working based on using renewable resources. We have gained a lot of experience while working in this industry. Our partner's market has both serious experience and as well the potential of producing high-quality and high-tech equipment, allowing to generate cheap energy from alternative sources.
We have combined the generation of cheap green energy with blockchain technology by linking our DXE token with the energy production capacity of power plants which are working based on renewable resources. The process implies adding and building new green energy powerplants which results in a constant growth of our DXE coin price and thus makes the possession of the DXE token profitable.


Republic of Moldova Dominican Republic Russian Federation Republic of Georgia



Since 2016, renewable energy sources (RES) were the fastest growing energy sources. Currently, renewable energy sources account for slightly less than 3.2% of world primary energy consumption. Without hydro energy, consumption of renewable energy grew by 12%, showing the largest increase during a year over the entire observation period. More than half of the growth in this sector was provided by wind energy (+ 16% a year). The production of electricity from solar energy increased by 30%. Although solar energy accounts for only 18% of the production of renewable energy, it provided almost a third of the total growth of renewable energy sources.


For people that are ready to invest relatively small amounts (from $ 100 to $ 10,000), it is difficult to take part in investments for building of new power plants, despite the fact that this is a profitable mechanism. Large investors, who are are able to invest amounts starting with $ 100,000, meet with the need to undertake additional costs for: technical and legal audits, registration, licenses and administrative costs, transaction processing and intermediary services. These processes may take up to several months and usually cost about $ 50,000. As a result, if you want to invest $ 100,000, the real amount of investment in the energy generating facility itself is around half the money spent. Obviously, this creates serious obstacles for investments. Without a capital of at least $ 1,000,000 or more, a potential investor cannot become a full-fledged participant in the energy market and make the same profit as large investors.


The DIXI Energy project provides a solution for the problem of investing into the construction of power plants around the world and offers unique opportunities. By investing $ 1, an investor gets a profit comparable in percentage to that achieved by large investors who invest in renewable energy professionally. Our clients can conveniently, anonymously and safely finance the construction of power plants of various types around the world, bypassing the costs of intermediaries, conducting transactions and eliminating technical and other problems.

DXE Token


100,000,000 DXE on the Ethereum platform


1DXE = $ 1 when buying within your account


In the investor's personal account
On a third-party crypto wallet
On crypto stock market

Owning DXE tokens allows

Invest easy and profitable into the construction of renewable energy power plants around the world, without burdening yourself with issues of ownership, auditing and choosing contractors, even with just $ 1. Anonymously and safely own and use of your assets. Receive profit from investments and token value growth.


* Q4 2017 – Start of mainnet development and the software for digitalizing electrical energy production Start of website and personal cabinet development

* Q2 2018 – Development start of bank terminals for the project

* Q4 2018 – Deployed the first bank terminals for cash out and working with cryptocurrencies. The launch of the website and personal cabinet.

* Q2 2019 – Building of electrical powerplants in the Russian Federation, Republic of Moldova, Dominican Republic Launch of the mainnet and the start of digitalizing of the electricity production within the DiXi Energy system

* Q4 2019 – The launch of the first power producing facilites in the Russian Federation, 30 MW in the


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